About Me

Hi! My name is Evelyn Laniado and I’m a studio and natural light photographer located in Brooklyn, NY. I specialize in photographing babies and children, trying to capture their pure innocence and beauty, for that’s what I think makes the best art. My passion for photography started ever since I was a teenager. I started my journey straight out of high school, majoring in photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a graduate of FIT I decided to take what I’ve learned and apply it to what I love most. Children.  

Taking my passion to the next level, I decided to open up my own photography studio (of course with the help of my husband!) establishing Evelyn Laniado Photography in the summer of 2012. And with the birth of our first child I realized how much a picture is really worth treasuring. Now a mother of 3 (BH!) I know the value of capturing the beauty of a newborn…baby…toddler…child…. milestone, for they slip by all too quickly.

“Photography takes an
instant out of time
altering life by holding it still”

My goal is to capture your child’s innocence and beauty and turn it into something that will last forever.  My style, for both studio and outdoors, is t0 use light, color, expression and laughter to bring out the most authentic you. I take pride in my keen eye for precision and detail that goes beyond the lens, working with customers to design their homes with their timeless images.  Capturing these moments, I hope, will make your heart smile just as much as mine does.